If you were to play a game of pop trivia called “Guess this game,” where you list the game tips and an experienced slot player has to guess the game title, what would you say? What would you call a 5×3 reel slot with 25 paylines, cascading or avalanche reels, and a free spins bonus? No? What about a theme based on Eldorado’s search, an extensive video intro sequence, and an animated character? Most regular slot players would probably be screaming “Gonzo’s quest” at the screen, but that’s not true. Gonzo is a game with all of the above but only 20 paylines.

We announce that Microgaming’s Jungle Jim El Dorado is ‘basically’ Gonzo’s Quest, with five extra paylines and a new character. It’s not something that the fans of Gonzo or even MG will like to hear, but it is true. This is a bigger story than you think, as it’s not a bad thing at all. The new Jungle Jim is a cute and fun game guide, reminiscent of an Indiana Jones-like youngster rather than a vaguely creepy character like Gonzo. There are an additional five paylines, and, last but not least, Gonzo’s no longer a brand-new game. Jungle Jim is a game that has the most up-to-date audio and graphic features. It feels more modern as a result.

Microgaming’s other release, Bikini Party, didn’t shy away from controversy. They have, however, also produced stunning graphics and entertaining gameplay. Can Jungle Jim oust Gonzo? Will this jungle explorer disappear into the mist like many others before him?


Jungle Jim is set in two different settings. We love that the base game takes place in the lush jungles of South America. The backdrops are stunning, and we didn’t want to cover them up with a large reel set. Second, is a treasure room with gold, which we assume is in Eldorado. This is also stunningly rendered. Jungle Jim is also beautifully rendered, as is the entire game. The animation is on par with modern animated films. However, Jim could have used a few extra moves as he gets repetitive.

Unsurprisingly, the reel symbols are coin chests, native treasures, and rare gemstones. We like that the rubies, emeralds, and other gems are not polished stones but significant, uncut stones like you’d find in a jungle. These small details separate slot games that use the theme effectively from those that miss the mark.

The following are some examples of Pay lines are fixed, so the only way to change game style is by changing your bankroll and betting strategy. The betting range is wide sufficiently to accommodate all types of players. We can only judge the game’s RTP from our short play. Our initial impressions are that it has a good RTP and a moderate level of variance.

Microgaming calls it rolling reels. IGT refers to it as cascading, while NetEnt uses the term avalanche. This popular mechanism is where existing wins will fall or explode off the screen and be replaced with a new symbol from above. This style is familiar to younger fans from the Bejewelled Blitz game on FaceBook. For those who are more experienced, it’s how Tetris works. Jungle Jim has a multiplier that increases from 1x up to 5x, just like most slot titles.

We have yet to determine how the wilds or symbol values will work. With the volatility of the game and everything else that is going on, we would have to assume they will all be fixed and will not grant any reward in the form of a jackpot. If you collect three scatters, you will activate the free spins. This round is played on a different reel set but has all the same features as the bonus game. The only difference in the spin-to-win potential is the re-trigger. It’s better than it sounds. A re-triggering of the spins round is an excellent addition to a game with so much action.

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Jungle Jim would be an excellent game if you enjoyed Gonzo. It’s that simple. The game has a great look, is fun to play, and offers all the potential for severe wins you would expect from a highly volatile game. The high volatility requires a little more control of your bankroll than a gentler game, but that’s what high-risk/high-reward games are all about. It also fits in with the theme. Many explorers have searched for Eldorado only to return empty-handed, while others have found riches in the South American jungles.

Jurassic Park Slot Review

The Jurassic Park Remastered Slot Machine is the perfect choice for fans of the original slot from 2014 that took over the online gaming industry. When you spin the cascading wheels, you will see familiar faces from the hit franchise. How many characters can you identify?

Jurassic Park: Welcome to the Park

Microgaming developed the Jurassic Park Remastered Slot Machine. Since its founding in 2014, Microgaming has become one of the foremost software providers for the online gaming industry.

The Jurassic Park Remastered slot will transport players to the ancient island Isla Nublar, set in a lush rainforest. Atmospheric music is playing in the background. You can win up to 6333x the initial stake if you land on winning symbols such as Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, and Alan Grant.

Bonuses Not to be Snarled at Jurassic Park Remastered is one of the most popular online slots among players who like to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite movies. The minimum and greatest bets per spin are 0.30 credits, respectively. The RTP of 96.67% is the RTP for this game. It can be changed to 92.20% or 94.25%.

Like most Microgaming games, Jurassic Park Remastered also has various bonus features. T-Rex Alert, for instance, is one of the most popular features among original game players. It can be triggered at any point during the play. This feature adds 35 wild symbols in the grid over six spins. You will be encouraged by a dinosaur who will growl in the background while shaking the screen.

Players can be awarded Free Spins if they land on three or more scatters. Each bonus has a unique background, animation of dinosaurs, and features. Which combination will you activate?

Hear Me Roar

You can play Jurassic Park Remastered online or check out other dinosaur-themed slot machines. You’ll be excited when you play The Dawn of the Dinosaurs by 888 or The Jurassic Giants by Pragmatic Play.

Don’t become a fossil. What are you still waiting for? You can play Jurassic Park Remastered online for free or real money at our secure online casinos.