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Viking Vanguard Slot Machine

You’ll soon find yourself in the mythical worlds of Vikings, Dragons, and “Viking Vanguard,” an online slot machine with six reels from WMS Gaming.

Payouts are based on finding and deciphering old stone signs, finding fellow Vikings and wolves, and convincing the dragon to come out of hiding. Bonus games include Wild Dragons, Scattered Dragons, and Free Spins with additional multipliers.

Slot players of all budgets and levels should enjoy the experience of becoming a Viking for a few minutes. The game’s staking system was designed to make it easy for everyone to have fun in this mythical, entertaining world.

A Vast Viking Paradise

Vikings are devoted to a challenge, and this snowy area is the ideal place to face the elements and the dragon. Thanks to the rousing theme tune, you will instantly go into hero mode.

Plunder Those Prizes

Vikings love nothing more than plundering treasures, and you can begin plundering yours now by deciphering stone signs left behind by your predecessors who chose the battle against the dragon. This 60-line game pays multiple prizes and frequently pays out numerous times per spin. To be awarded up to 30 coins, you must find 3 to 6 matching symbols. Also, you’ll be rewarded with up to 45 coins for finding ravens or wolves. Finding fellow Vikings can earn you up to 450 coins. These aren’t the highest individual payouts, but each spin will see one reel become Wild. If stacked symbols are next to the Wilds, the dragon’s eyes will transform into a full dragon and clump all marks together to win serious multiples.

The Scattered Dragon bonus symbol is another. It can award multipliers, free spins, or combinations of them all. Three Scatter symbols award eight free spins. Four symbols award 20 free spins, with all prizes, multiplied 10x. Five symbols give you 100 free spins, and all prizes are multiplied by 100x. Additional free spins will be awarded if other Scatter Symbols are found during the initial bonus. Three different symbols award eight extra free spins. Four additional characters give you 20 free spins. All prizes will be multiplied 4x by four other symbols.

Viking Ventures

The adventure of this Viking-themed slot only requires you to spend a little. Each spin has 60 lines. You can stake each line in 27 ways, starting at 0.01 coins and up to 3 coins. Your bet will be halved, so you can play as low as 0.03 cents per spin and as high as 90 cents per spin.


Vikings worship Thor, the god of thunder. This slot has a great theme, multiple pay lines, and bonuses.